The Satyrswitch review- Foxy Digitalis June, 2005


The Satyrswitch “The High Lonesome Sound of Satyrswitch”

Camera Obscura

Largely the work of one Jason Kesselring (heard previously as a member of Skye Klad) and a few friends, ?The High Lonesome Sound of Satyrswitch? combines a familiar cow-folk base with dazzling ragas and old style Americana. It?s a modern dash of traditionalism, resulting in the off-beat weirdness of ?Boys of Bedlam? as well as the Syd Barrett inspired folk psych sprawl of ?Angels of Wolves.? ?Second Air? on the other hand is 49 seconds of precise, ornamental finger-picking in the Bert Jansch mold, more of which can be found on the mind-blowing ?Israfel.? ?Ed Dorado? sounds sort of like Lee Hazlewood doing a worthy attempt at psych folk. That comparison is largely due to Kesselring?s baritone vocal, possibly the one obstacle to overcome here. But at the same time his voice and persona is a big part of what makes this so charming and unique in a Sergio Leone kind of way. If you?re digging on this whole ?folk revival? thing, and looking for something further off the beaten path, give the mighty Satyrswitch a lash. 7/10 — Lee Jackson (8 June, 2005)


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