Comets Ov Cupid (Redukt Vol II) A list- City Pages Oct 10, 2007

comets ov cupidcomets ov cupid

SUNDAY 10.14
Redukt Vol. II
Ritz Theater
The first Redukt show christened the Ritz Theatre as a rock venue. This proved a great gift, because it’s arguably the best place to see underground music in town: The acoustics are superb, the seats comfy, and there are no pillars blocking your view. Redukt’s second installation might not have the same novelty factor, but the bill is just as wide-ranging. Erik Wivinus unfurls acoustic ragas as Forgotten Works, and Jason Kesselring dusts off an electric guitar piece, promisingly named “Metalgazer,” under the handle Cupid. The band Sarah Johnson have been described as a youthful outpouring of Id, and Arto Lindsay, er, savaging Glenn Branca, and will probably draw a crowd of gyrating No-Wave revivalists to the Ritz stage. Maps of Norway lurch between melody and noise like a drunken landlubber staggering through the narrow passages of a sinking boat, yet have enough presence to manifest fresh surprises at every chord change. All ages. $8. 7:30 p.m. 345 13th Ave. NE; 612.623.7660. —Cecile Cloutier


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