Bigloo v19 “Wind Blows” Suishou no Fune with Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring

This is another track from Sean Connaughty and I recording with Suishou No Fune. This hopefully will be included in an upcoming release within the next year. The video was shot by Sean and is of one his “Bigloo” ice sculptures. This track was recorded shortly after our good friend Matt Zaun had died and he was definitely in our minds when we recorded this. Matt of course played with me in Skye Klad and many other projects as well as with Sean in Salamander and Vortex Navigation Company. He also had played with Suishou No Fune on the their last tour.Pirako from Suishou No Fune also comments below..

From Pirako: “This song is completely an impromptu song.
I felt that Matt came for playing in your attic.
I will translate this song for you.
I just named a song title.
It is “Wind blows”.

Air vibrates
Can you hear forever?

Wind blows…
And somebody comes over

Time rotates
It is limitless in this world
In the endless flow, how do we live?
lalalala Soft wind blows

No matter how long walked, let’s go without stopping our steps”


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