Human Head Bird Feeder

This is a video made by Sean Connaughty as part of his “Garden Project” (see his explanation below) The soundtrack was a recorded improvisation with Paul Metzger, Sean Connaughty, Matt Zaun on Drums and myself (Comets Ov Cupid) on guitar. See description below.

Human Head Bird Feeder

MUSIC: Paul Metzger, Matt Zaun, Sean Connaughty, Jason Kesselring (aka Comets Ov Cupid) 2007
The Garden Project documents my attempts to restore a lost urban eco-system. The EPA tested our soil and discovered unacceptable levels of arsenic. The soil was subsequently removed and replaced. I preserved plant samples, collected seeds and made paintings and prints. I then sowed the reclaimed space with seeds from the destroyed ecosystem. Hand made porcelain Human Head Bird Feeders and Bird Feeder Masks encourage birds to remain in the yard and the birds become a living element in the artwork. With acknowledged humor, I imprint them with intimate knowledge of the human face and call attention to human presence in the urban ecosystem. Highlighting both destructive and benign moments of interaction between humans and their environment.


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