Comets Ov Cupid live at “The Doorways To The Underworld Exhibit”


Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 25th 2014

Stevens Square Center For Arts
1905 Third Ave S
Mpls, MN 55404


Comets Ov Cupid Opens for The Telescopes

Great night and a cool poster!

Great night and a cool poster!


The Telescopes w/ Comets-ov-Cupid, Flavor Crystals, Jason Edmonds of Magic Castles

@ HiFi Hair and Records
1637 Hennepin Ave S

8 pm / 21+ / $7

Holy cow, The Telescopes. If you’re gonna talk pure, undliuted, amazing psychedelia, their name has to come up, because of all the shoegaze wave of bands, to which they nominally belong, they are by far the strangest and trippiest. For my money, “High On Fire” is one of the two or three best singles of that entire era, and unlike their contemporaries, the ‘scopes have continued unabated, making music that is increasingly droney, spacey and utterly weird. Like go listen to Auditory Illusions, which has a 14-minute drone epic called “Flying/Transmutations/A Cabin In The Sky” that pretty much hovers around one note. NIFTY. Love. Comets-ov-Cupid are pretty much the same deal—oh, the glorious spacerock of their 20-minute epic “Metalgazer.” And you guys know from past reviews that we love Flavor Crystals and Magic Castles, so this is some droney psych goodness. -Jon Hunt