81818 Comets Ov Cupid live at Safeguard Missle Complex. Nekoma, ND

Project 81818

Location: Safeguard Missle Complex (aka North Dakota Pyramid or “Illuminati Pyramid”) and RSL#3 Missle site. Both are now out of commission. Pyramid is in a state of ruin. Flooded and dangerous to walk amongst unattended.

Date: Aug 18, 2018

Filmed by Drone camera and movie cameras by our friends at Nupolitan Recorded to 2 track. By Dave Onnen.

Music Performed: “Scythian Funeral”

Conditions that day: Overcast from the smoke of the fires up North in Canada.

Miscellaneous:  We were giving tours of both sites. Amazingly we were able to see the inside and the basement of the pyramid.  What was revealed to us was a  hellish post apocalyptic vision of the future that once was. A vision somewhere between Tarkovsky’s Stalker or Alien.

IPHONE images below (Real footage coming in not too far future)




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