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Comets Ov Cupid is a Kosmische Music project by Jason Kesselring, formerly of Space Rock group Skye Klad and wyrd folk project The Satyrswitch. Darkly cosmic, the music evokes a sense of eternal twilight while creating a sonic landscape of distorted voices, cosmic pulse, and hazy drones. Guitar based in composition the sounds range from full blown metalgazer walls of sound to ethereal astral folk.

81818 Comets Ov Cupid live at Safeguard Missle Complex. Nekoma, ND

Project 81818

Location: Safeguard Missle Complex (aka North Dakota Pyramid or “Illuminati Pyramid”) and RSL#3 Missle site. Both are now out of commission. Pyramid is in a state of ruin. Flooded and dangerous to walk amongst unattended.

Date: Aug 18, 2018

Filmed by Drone camera and movie cameras by our friends at Nupolitan Recorded to 2 track. By Dave Onnen.

Music Performed: “Scythian Funeral”

Conditions that day: Overcast from the smoke of the fires up North in Canada.

Miscellaneous:  We were giving tours of both sites. Amazingly we were able to see the inside and the basement of the pyramid.  What was revealed to us was a  hellish post apocalyptic vision of the future that once was. A vision somewhere between Tarkovsky’s Stalker or Alien.

IPHONE images below (Real footage coming in not too far future)





Last June 2018. Comets Ov Cupid played Saturn’s day residency for the first 4 Saturdays of June at Grumpy’s.Here are 4 selections of what that entailed. Hail Saturn. Hail the Lord Ov Karma.

New Comets Ov Cupid Track! COMET TALES 8


Track 8 in a 9 part series

Comets giveth and comets taketh away.
— Carl Sagan
In Comet (1885, 1997), 337. [Note the context refers to the idea that although perhaps comets seeded life on earth, later comet collisions with Earth could cause mass extinctions.]



MAR 2 Comets Ov Cupid, Falcon Arrow, MILaN, RyKYGNYZYR – Eagles 34




Photo by ‎David Kemp of  Comets Ov Cupid, Eagles 34n Mar 2 2018

This is going to be a great show for an awesome tape compilation we (Comets Ov Cupid in power trio formation) are on. This limited cassette only release features 4 instrumental Twin Cities Space Truckinist CosmicProg this side of the Infinite Universe. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/hamotkohma/…

Also of note is that this will be last show the power trio format of Comets will be playing for some time. As Comets Ov Cupid will reconstitute in new singularities and multiplicities to pursue some of what will the darkest deepest cosmic music from Comets Ov Cupid yet.