Suishou No Fune with Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring


Here is another video of Sean and I’s collaboration with Suishou No Fune . Looks like the release will be a DVD release mixing Sean’s video with our improvisations. No release date has been set as of yet.

Tokyo band Suishou no Fune with Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring (aka Comets Ov Cupid), recorded in basement studio Minneapolis, MN USA 2012 video by Sean Connaughty 2012


Human Head Bird Feeder


This is a video made by Sean Connaughty as part of his “Garden Project” (see his explanation below) The soundtrack was a recorded improvisation with Paul Metzger, Sean Connaughty, Matt Zaun on Drums and myself (Comets Ov Cupid) on guitar. See description below.

Human Head Bird Feeder

MUSIC: Paul Metzger, Matt Zaun, Sean Connaughty, Jason Kesselring (aka Comets Ov Cupid) 2007
The Garden Project documents my attempts to restore a lost urban eco-system. The EPA tested our soil and discovered unacceptable levels of arsenic. The soil was subsequently removed and replaced. I preserved plant samples, collected seeds and made paintings and prints. I then sowed the reclaimed space with seeds from the destroyed ecosystem. Hand made porcelain Human Head Bird Feeders and Bird Feeder Masks encourage birds to remain in the yard and the birds become a living element in the artwork. With acknowledged humor, I imprint them with intimate knowledge of the human face and call attention to human presence in the urban ecosystem. Highlighting both destructive and benign moments of interaction between humans and their environment.

Directed Flight by Vortex Navigation Company


“Directed Flight” by Vortex Navigation Company recorded july 2010. Sean Connaughty, Jason Kesselring (aka Comets Ov Cupid) and Scott Puhl. video shot by Andrea Bursott August 2010. Sculpture created and burned by Sean Connaughty on Lake Hiawatha. Steel tripod fabricated by Dillon Allen. Thanks to Peet Fetsch for canoe transportation.Thanks to Dillon Allen for Sisyphusian pod rolling. Assistance from Justine Sanborn, Judith Allen, Lisa Kiesel, Adam Backstrom, Abigail Raina Connaughty, and Scott Puhl.

Vortex Navigation Company at “O”


I have been playing guitar with Sean Connaughty’s Vortex Navigation Company for roughly 7 years and recording an album (lots of tracks to choose from at this point) and should see the light of day soon. Some of these tracks have appeared in Sean’s films and art exhibitions. This video below is a rather Kosmische extended piece that lasted for over an hour as we each separately played in giant woven tree pods! An absolutely surreal experience for the musician if not the audience.The video is edited down version of events. See Sean’s description below..

Performance by Vortex Navigation Company at XYandZ Gallery, Musicians: Jason Kesselring, Sean Connaughty and Scott Puhl. March 2011 Video Shot by Ryan Murphy, Edited by Sean Connaughty. Exhibition and sculptures by Sean Connaughty, Pod-stands Fabricated by Dillon Allen Master Welder.
Location: The Exhibition “O” at xyandz Gallery Minneapolis, MN. Thanks Mike Bishop, Adam, Eric Melzer, Joe Belk, Trudy Fredericks.Melrud.

Bigloo v19 “Wind Blows” Suishou no Fune with Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring


This is another track from Sean Connaughty and I recording with Suishou No Fune. This hopefully will be included in an upcoming release within the next year. The video was shot by Sean and is of one his “Bigloo” ice sculptures. This track was recorded shortly after our good friend Matt Zaun had died and he was definitely in our minds when we recorded this. Matt of course played with me in Skye Klad and many other projects as well as with Sean in Salamander and Vortex Navigation Company. He also had played with Suishou No Fune on the their last tour.Pirako from Suishou No Fune also comments below..

From Pirako: “This song is completely an impromptu song.
I felt that Matt came for playing in your attic.
I will translate this song for you.
I just named a song title.
It is “Wind blows”.

Air vibrates
Can you hear forever?

Wind blows…
And somebody comes over

Time rotates
It is limitless in this world
In the endless flow, how do we live?
lalalala Soft wind blows

No matter how long walked, let’s go without stopping our steps”

The Structural Circle “O” XYandZ Suishou no Fune with Jason Kesselring and Sean Connaughty


For a few year Sean Connaughty (Head from Vortex Navigation Co.) and I ( Comets Ov Cupid) have been working on a long distance recording project with the Japanese Psychedelic ambient group Suishou No Fune. A disc should be out hopefully in the next year .. Maybe even a DVD type release. Who knows? See video description below.

VIDEO: From an exhibition of works by Sean Connaughty at the XYandZ Gallery in Minneapolis, MN 2011. MUSIC: Suishou no Fune with Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring 2008

Terraforming 3 Suishou no Fune with Jason Kesselring and Sean Connaughty


Tokyo Band Suishou no Fune with Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring June 2012. Recorded in Minneapolis basement with sculptures by Sean Connaughty. Video by Sean Connaughty. If you look closely through the aquarium you can just barely see Pirako and Kageo playing….