Comets Ov Cupid “Western Lands” CD for Sale


Comets Ov Cupid “Western Lands” CD for Sale
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A musical oracle idyllically crafted to lead you through the Gate of the West and into the Halls of Amenti.

“The Western Lands emerge as would a figure walking out of the horizon, not there, then there, something which might never be if I was not present to witness it. Invisible they are like an echo, and so it is that the Western Lands appear, not so much as a location but as an event, a mark in time, a frozen moment, a coming to a point of perfect stillness before action.”- Roger Williamson author/ artist/occultist

Western Lands” is the first full length album by Comets Ov Cupid, a space rock project by Jason Kesselring (formerly of Skye Klad and The Satyrswitch.) A darkly cosmic album that evokes a sense of eternal twilight-creating a sonic landscape filled with ghostly lights, distorted voices, cosmic pulse, and a hazy drone of some far away approach.

Western Lands” was created in concept to be a total listening experience and is best played from begining to end. The package and design of the cd are extentions of this sensibility and serve as a doorway to your experience.

The outer sleeve is carefully cut and folded by hand with a screen printed design that slowly reveals the contents contained. The inner sleeve features liner notes and painting by artist/writer/ occultist Roger Williamson. The CD also features the same painting by Roger Williamson

Western Lands - Comets Ov Cupid

Comets Ov Cupid “Western Lands” CD for Sale


"Western Lands" By Comets Ov Cupid

“Western Lands” By Comets Ov Cupid



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