“Metalgazer” by Comets Ov Cupid

Comets Ov Cupid’s first recording “Metalgazer”- Originally under the name “Cupid”

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Meditation music for those whose tastes run closerto Slayer and Sabbath than they do Yanni.

Jason Kesselring, ex of psych rockers Skye Klad and gothic folk Satyrswitch,unleashes his instrumental tendencies with Cupid, his new solo project.

“Metalgazer”, the first shot from Cupid’s bow, finds Kesselring merging hismetallic guitar tones, orchestral sensibilities and compositional know how ina mind expanding explosion of sound and fury.  Recording in a cathedral”up north” you may find yourself wondering if Cupid’s music is evoking theforce of angels or some deeper, darker primal energy.


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