Gentle Tasaday is project made up of duo of Erik Wivinus and Eric Hofferber. Sounding like a more Kosmische take on Current 93 or Nurse With Wound they were capable of kicking up a real sense of dread on a galactic level. They were label mates on Camera Obscura and of course Erik plays with me in Comets Ov Cupid and was in Skye Klad. I remember playing one or two live dates with them playing electric guitar while Erik played acoustic. The track “Snow Queen” was from a Tom Rapp/ Pearls Before Swine tribute album on Secret Eye. The second track is by a group Noxagt who I unfortunately know little about.

Gentle Tasaday – “Snow Queen”
Noxagt – “Regions of May”

V.A. “For the Dead in Space II & III”
A Tribute to Pearls Before Swine and Tom Rapp
Secret Eye Records, 2003