Nice mention of Comets Ov Cupid and the rest of the crew of Minneapolis Space Rockers in the Guardian.


Nice mention of Comets Ov Cupid and the rest of the crew of Minneapolis Space Rockers in the Guardian.…/from-bush-doof-to-clowncore-y…

cdog: Minneapolis has a vibrant psychedelic/space-rock/shoegaze scene that is yet to be uncovered. Bands in the scene include Flavor Crystals, Magic Castles, Panther Ray, Another Heaven, Ghostmouth, Brilliant Beast, Chatham Rise, DIIE, The Chambermaids, Good Doom, American Cream, Old Moon, Basement Apartment, Seafarer, Comets Ov Cupid, Dead Gurus, Paris 1919, Transcendental Strangers and many more.”



New Comets Ov Cupid track “Comets Tales”

New Comets Ov Cupid track. Guitar and Synth
Cosmic Music
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Comets Ov Cupid review

Very kind words for the new Comets Ov Cupid track “Scorpius! “By my friend Adam Johnson at . Check it out! Review

6. Comets ov Cupid – “Scorpius” (July, 2017)


In preparation of a long-awaited physical release, North Dakota transplant Jason Kesselring offers up another single self-produced six-string divination.

I have to admit outright that Jason is probably my favorite active guitarist in the Twin Cities at moment, and that fact is going to color my opinion, inside, outside, and inbetween all the lines. Nobody else around towns takes the guitar into the territories he does, not quite; and when he’s not slinging celestial lightning bolts with Thunderbolt Pagoda, Kesselring builds and destroys worlds with his main solo gig as Comets ov Cupid.

Fed by King Crimson, Neu!, and the Hubble Telescope, “Scorpius” rides a slide guitar glides through a spacial swara of feedback, never quite beginning or ending. Kesselring has a pronounced talent for building atmosphere, and his latest blueprint is already looking strong and sultry. I’m to understand a full-band release is quietly under construction at moment. So until you and I can get our grubby earthen paws on that piece of stardust, “Scorpius” and its seven-month-separated sibling “Unicursal Hexagram” will have to do for now.


Skye Klad A List- The Pulse – 02.03.99


The latest free-form amalgam of electronic, improvisational and just plain weird artists to honor the sun, josh around with millenial dada, and surprise their audience and themselves with the results. Proggy organizers Skye Klad are joined this time ’round by Happy Apple, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of Low, Kranky Records’ Jessica Bailiff, Damian Nuebauer, Paul Horn, & Fred Teasley of Ousia, and Miskatonic Observer, with moody light patterns and atmospheric decor providing just the trippy trappings to camouflage the far-from-futuristic Entry Environs.

– The Pulse – 02.03.99