New Comets Ov Cupid single “Scorpius”

New Comets Ov Cupid Single “Scorpius”

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Heathen Harvest reviews Comets Ov Cupid’s “Vril Kosmische Urkraft”

Comets Ov Cupid – Vril Kosmische Urkraft
On his Bandcamp page, Comets Ov Cupid mastermind Jason Kesselring describes the project as “gothic space rock.” It’s a concise description, and not wholly inaccurate, but Vril Kosmische Urkraft encompasses quite a bit more in terms of genre. The Minneapolis-based project’s third full-length is a wild chariot ride through buzzing hollow-earth drones, meandering krautrock riffage, black metal influence, and fuzz—fuzz everywhere. Though the album’s title and thematic inspiration might lead the uninitiated to expect something in the neofolk vein, it’s an entirely different interpretation of Norse mythology and the work of Edward Bulwer-Lytton. And that’s not to say that it doesn’t occasionally delve into folk territory as well. Sure, you could slap the album with the “space rock” label and be mostly correct, but it would also be a massive understatement and a great disservice to the artist.

Vril Kosmische Urkraft is a lot to absorb, to say the least. Kesselring has an interesting method of layering textures that can be imperfectly compared to building a harsh noise wall. Although the project is primarily guitar based, there are all kinds of good things buried underneath the thundering riffs: drum patterns and vocal samples, more riffs, and a muted guitar solo. All of it coalesces, more often than not, into a seething barricade of fuzz. While tracks like “Sleipnir,” with its frenetic fretwork and breakneck drum loops, carry a strong metal influence, the album’s finest moments come when the artist dives headlong into psychedelia. The uneasy bad-trip drones of “Ultima Thule” segue perfectly into the finger-picked intro, haunting and resonant, of “Valknut.” Though clearly adept at experimentation and pushing the boundaries of sound and genre, Kesselring’s talents are most evident when he incorporates traditional elements into the mix.

Purists of any stripe won’t be thrilled with the release, but being a purist isn’t very much fun. There are elements of Hawkwind and Can in there, but also some nods back to the English prog-folk that inspired Kesselring’s earlier project, Skye Klad. In some ways, Vril Kosmische Urkraft draws comparison with the frantic genre-hopping of Yussuf Jerusalem; in other ways, there’s little to compare it to. Despite drawing from a large pool of often disparate influences, one is never left with the impression that these are employed for novelty’s sake, or as devices meant to distract the listener from one flaw or another. Vril Kosmische Urkraft has its share of flaws like any other album, but a lack of cohesion isn’t one of them. The album has a clear sonic purpose, and it fulfills that by incorporating the right amount of experimentation at exactly the right times.

Track List:
01) Mysterium Cosmographicum
02) Sleipner
03) Viking Spacecraft
04) The Hollow Earth
05) Ultima Thule
06) Valknut
07) Ginnungagap
08) Jormungand
09) Eternal Ice

Written by: Rebecca C. Brooks
Label: Independent (United States) / None / CD, Digital
Space Rock / Kosmische / Drone Ambient

Comets Ov Cupid – Vril Kosmische Urkraft


Jan 30, 2015 – Drone Not Drones with Pagoda Ov Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt Pagoda is a progressive space rock group from Minneapolis and are absolutely fantastic. So when they asked me to collaborate with them for Kosmische Drone set for the Drone Not Drones ( event I jumped at the chance. Here are some pics of our performance that night.


IMGP1206 IMGP1207 IMGP1210IMGP1211safe_image

Review of Comets Ov Cupid “Eko Eko Aradia” from Lux Atenea Webzine!


Quiero dar las gracias a JASON KESSELRING (COMETS OV CUPID) por su cortesía con LUX ATENEA WEBZINE al enviarme este promocional.
Edición reseñada: CD Picture en digipak (RECIBIDO COMO PROMOCIONAL)
Fecha de publicación: Enero 2015
Sello discográfico: AUTOEDITADO
Tracklist: 1- Sein Und Zeit // 2- Eko Eko Aradia // 3- Fly By The Comet // 4- The Infernal Star
Artistas: Jason Kesselring
Trabajo musical: Escrito por Jason Kesselring
Datos técnicos: Grabado en Vinland Studios de la ciudad estadounidense de Kindred (Dakota del Norte)
Composiciones musicales que escucharás mil veces: 1- Sein Und Zeit // 3- Fly By The Comet

El próximo 6 de enero será presentado oficialmente el nuevo álbum de Comets Ov Cupid “Eko Eko Aradia”, publicado en una lujosa autoedición en digipak CD. Lo primero que llamará la atención a los melómanos lectores de Lux Atenea Webzine que adquieran este extraordinario trabajo musical es su impactante portada y contraportada, basadas en la imagen fotográfica de esta instalación militar estadounidense abandonada que nació en plena Guerra Fría, y cuyo diseño ultramoderno parece más sacado de un ensayo arquitectónico futurista que de la propia realidad. La verdad es que las imágenes de estas instalaciones impresionan nada más verlas, y su elección como portada de un álbum ha sido de lo más acertado. En “Eko Eko Aradia”, el genial artista estadounidense Jason Kesselring, alma máter de Comets Ov Cupid, nos presenta su cuarto álbum marcado por esta fusión melódica del sonido de la guitarra, ya sea clásica o eléctrica, con la tecnología instrumental aplicada a la música electrónica, y bajo la influencia de las bases conceptuales y artísticas que dieron vida y sentido a la música electrónica alemana de vanguardia de la década de los setenta. Vertebrado por cuatro magníficas composiciones, cada uno de estos temas embriagan, te sumergen en otro mundo y en otra dimensión con tal facilidad que desconectar de la realidad cotidiana durante su audición se hace forma inconsciente, suave y placentera. Una audición musical que dará comienzo con el sonido envolvente que caracteriza al tema “Sein Und Zeit”, mientras sus olas melódicas emanadas del espectro electrónico van dando forma a esta bella amalgama musical junto al vibrante espíritu musical de la guitarra. Una evolución conceptual de corte gótico que irá transformándose en un continuo sonoro de eclécticas raíces conceptuales que, en la composición que da título a este álbum, “Eko Eko Aradia”, adquiere un cuerpo artístico mucho más expansivo y definido, reconfigurándose en un ciclo lírico repetitivo mientras todo se vuelve evanescente, ligero y luminoso. A continuación, el tiempo se ralentizará en “Fly By The Comet”, oscilando su cuerpo melódico hasta ir estirando poco a poco su evolución sonora en cadencias cada vez más lánguidas y dilatadas que abrirán las puertas mentales de la imaginación y de la fantasía en un plano expansivo de emotividad universal, quedando el tema “The Infernal Star” como clausura musical mucho más radiante e intensa hasta llegar a un colapso sonoro final de calmado espíritu. “Eko Eko Aradia”, ecléctica vanguardia musical con profundas raíces conceptuales underground. ¡¡¡Disfrútenlo!!!



Artículo Nº:  1.929


“Next January 6 will be officially unveiled the new album Comets Ov Cupid “Eko Eko Aradia” published in a lavish digipak CD desktop publishing. The first thing that will appeal to music lovers Lux Athena Webzine readers acquire this extraordinary musical work are its striking front and back, based on the photographic image of the US military facility abandoned born during the Cold War, and whose ultramodern design looks more out of a futuristic architectural test of reality itself. The truth is that the images of these facilities is nothing more impressive to see them, and his election as an album cover has been most successful. In “Eko Eko Aradia” the great American artist Jason Kesselring, alma mater of Comets Ov Cupid, presents his fourth album marked by this fusion of melodic guitar sound, whether classical or electric, with instrumental technology applied to electronics, and under the influence of conceptual and artistic foundations that gave life and meaning to the German electronic music forefront of seventies music. Vertebrate four magnificent compositions, each of these topics drunk, plunge you into another world and another dimension with such ease that disconnect from everyday reality during his audition unconsciously becomes smooth and pleasant. A musical hearing will begin with surround sound that characterizes the theme “Sein Und Zeit” while his melodic waves emanating from the electronic spectrum are giving form to this beautiful musical amalgam next to the vibrant musical spirit of the guitar. A conceptual evolution of Gothic court that will be transformed into a sound continuum of eclectic conceptual roots in the composition of the title of this album, “Eko Eko Aradia” takes on a much more expansive and artistic defined body, reconfiguring a lyrical cycle repetitive while everything becomes evanescent, light and bright. Then, time will slow down “Fly By The Comet“, ranging melodic body to go slowly stretching their sound evolution increasingly languid and dilated cadences open mental doors of imagination and fantasy in expansive plane of universal emotions, leaving the track “The Infernal Star” and more radiant and intense musical closure until a final collapse sound calm spirit. “Eko Eko Aradiaeclectic musical vanguard conceptual roots deep underground.Enjoy it !!!

New Comets Ov Cupid CD “Eko Eko Aradia”




Eko Eko Aradia” is the 4th full length effort by Comets Ov Cupid. Inspired by the German Kosmische Music (Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, Cluster) tradition of the seventies as well as the Maximal/Minimalists (Fripp/Eno, Glenn Branca, Earth and Sunn 0))) , the music is intended for those inclined towards space and the infinite. Recorded in rural North Dakota both outside and inside as to reflect the secluded ambience of the surroundings. This recording is unique in that it 4 pieces played in one take with little to no overdubs. Acoustic and Electric guitars are the main instruments as well as theremin and a Micro Korg on the beginning track. The cover photo is of a futuristic ruin found in his home state. Known in Fortean Folklore as the “North Dakota Illuminati Pyramid” it is a relic from the height of the cold war though many conspiracies still abound as to its real function.
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Comets ov Cupid – “Eko Eko Aradia” (self-released 2015, CD/DL)

I’ve been following guitarist Jason Kesselring’s work since the early Aural Innovation days, starting with the late great Minneapolis based Space/Psych/Kraut Rock band Skye Klad (who I also got to see live at the 2000 Strange Daze Space Rock Festival). Kesselring went solo with Satyrswitch, a vehicle to explore his interest in Jansch/Graham/Basho guitar styles and other acoustic music. Now based in North Dakota, Kesselring’s solo project of recent years has been Comets ov Cupid, which across his first three albums covered textural Ambient/Drone explorations and blistering Space Rock for the alchemically inclined.

Eko Eko Aradia is the fourth Comets Ov Cupid album and draws inspiration from the 70s German Kosmische pioneers like Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze and Cluster, as well as ambient/minimalists like Fripp/Eno, Glenn Branca, Earth and Sunn 0))).

The album consists of 4 tracks in just under 40 minutes. All the pieces were played in one take with little to no overdubs. Acoustic and electric guitars are the main instruments, as well as theremin and a Micro Korg on the opening track, Sein Und Zeit, which starts off with expansive yet minimal soundscapes and spartan guitar patterns. Multiple guitar parts are gradually introduced until it sounds like a cosmic symphony of repetitive chordal arrangements and spaced out solos which brought to mind a Cluster enhanced duet between Manual Gottsching and Robert Fripp. This bleeds into the 15 minute title track, which begins with a dark, lightly symphonic drone and strange voice samples that repeat “Eko Eko Aradia”, which I learned from good ‘ol Wikipedia is the opening phrase to a Wiccan chant. The guitar adds to the drifting, cosmically orchestral feel, creating a doomy impression and lacing the atmosphere with swirling and soaring waves of caustically Psychedelic strikes and screeching runs of what sound like an acid damaged violin. The music soon settles into a sweeping yet disorienting minimalist orchestral exploration that straddles the line between intense acid-noise and cloud floating, atmospheric drone. As the finale seeps into Fly By The Comet, we sail along with lightly jamming acoustic guitar and hovering efx’d guitar that’s like a soundscape generating, gliss-like banshee violin, which becomes darkly intense and even a little rhythmic rocking as it morphs into The Infernal Star. And sure enough, the multiple guitar parts start to rock out like some kind of avant-Psychedelic Branca guitar symphony. The intensity increases to apocalyptic levels, with smoldering stoner doom surges and a sense of sheer cosmic corrosion. Yet despite the high intensity skirmish, the music never loses a general perception of meditative drift.

As an artisan/constructor of aural landscapes, Kesselring nimbly blends his classic Kosmiche and ambient/minimalist influences to create a journey into the furthest reaches of Psychedelic color and texture. And he does so without always so heavily drenching his guitar with effects that it’s beyond recognition.

The cover photo is worth a mention as it aroused my interest. It’s a futuristic ruin known in Fortean Folklore as the “North Dakota Illuminati Pyramid”. It’s a relic from the height of the Cold War though many conspiracies still abound as to its real function. When I questioned Jason about it he pointed me to a web site which explained that it was situated on a missile site radar complex used to locate missiles fired from foreign powers at the USA so that they could be destroyed. The base was armed with 30 Spartan anti-ballistic missiles with thermonuclear warheads and sixteen short-range Sprint missiles. How fortunate for the North Dakotans to play host to all that Cold War fun.

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

releases 06 January 2015
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Nice Review of Comets Ov Cupid “Vril Kosmische Urkraft” CD on Dark Holler Arts Site

comets ov cupid

Comets Ov Cupid’s third full-length, Vril Kosmiche Urkraft, hitches a broken krautrock space capsule to a black metal horse and drives it through the astral plane. At the reigns is none other than Jason Kesselring (see also: Skye KladThe Satyrswitch) – whose guitar skills remain as impressive as ever. Alternately atmospheric and spacious; heavy and labyrinthine – Vril Kosmiche Urkraft – journeys across the Nine Worlds with skill and ease and we lucky listeners get to experience the ride. ( Comets Ov Cupid )