Vortex Navigation Company at “O”


I have been playing guitar with Sean Connaughty’s Vortex Navigation Company for roughly 7 years and recording an album (lots of tracks to choose from at this point) and should see the light of day soon. Some of these tracks have appeared in Sean’s films and art exhibitions. This video below is a rather Kosmische extended piece that lasted for over an hour as we each separately played in giant woven tree pods! An absolutely surreal experience for the musician if not the audience.The video is edited down version of events. See Sean’s description below..

Performance by Vortex Navigation Company at XYandZ Gallery, Musicians: Jason Kesselring, Sean Connaughty and Scott Puhl. March 2011 Video Shot by Ryan Murphy, Edited by Sean Connaughty. Exhibition and sculptures by Sean Connaughty, Pod-stands Fabricated by Dillon Allen Master Welder.
Location: The Exhibition “O” at xyandz Gallery Minneapolis, MN. Thanks Mike Bishop, Adam, Eric Melzer, Joe Belk, Trudy Fredericks.Melrud.