New Comets Ov Cupid track! Comet Tales 9!



New Comets Ov Cupid Track! COMET TALES 8

Track 8 in a 9 part series

Comets giveth and comets taketh away.
— Carl Sagan
In Comet (1885, 1997), 337. [Note the context refers to the idea that although perhaps comets seeded life on earth, later comet collisions with Earth could cause mass extinctions.]



MAR 2 Comets Ov Cupid, Falcon Arrow, MILaN, RyKYGNYZYR – Eagles 34




Photo by ‎David Kemp of  Comets Ov Cupid, Eagles 34n Mar 2 2018

This is going to be a great show for an awesome tape compilation we (Comets Ov Cupid in power trio formation) are on. This limited cassette only release features 4 instrumental Twin Cities Space Truckinist CosmicProg this side of the Infinite Universe. Check it out!…

Also of note is that this will be last show the power trio format of Comets will be playing for some time. As Comets Ov Cupid will reconstitute in new singularities and multiplicities to pursue some of what will the darkest deepest cosmic music from Comets Ov Cupid yet.


Solar System


Four-band, four-track compilation on finest quality HAMOTKOHMA cassettes with exclusive tracks from Minneapolis instrumental artists Comets Ov Cupid, Falcon Arrow, MILAN and RYKYGNYZYR.
Edition of 55 cassettes.
Release show: Friday, March 2nd 2017
Eagles Club #34, Minneapolis 9PM $5 21+

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New Comets Ov Cupid Track “Comet Tales 5”


Comet Tales 5
by Comets Ov Cupid
Guitar and Keyboard: Jason Kesselring

“Ancient cultural legends also played a hand in inspiring a terrible dread of these celestial nomads. The Roman prophecies, the “Sibylline Oracles,” spoke of a “great conflagration from the sky, falling to earth,” while the most ancient known mythology, the Babylonian “Epic of Gilgamesh,” described fire, brimstone, and flood with the arrival of a comet. Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman, a Jew living in Spain, wrote of God taking two stars from Khima and throwing them at the earth in order to begin the great flood. Yakut legend in ancient Mongolia called comets “the daughter of the devil,” and warned of destruction, storm and frost, whenever she approaches the earth. Stories associating comets with such terrible imagery are at the base of so many cultures on Earth, and fuel a dread that followed comet sightings throughout history. ”
-Noah Goldman
U. Maryland, College Park Scholars