Chimera Art Opening

An exhibition of original paintings by Minneapolis artist Roger Williamson set to live music by Comets Ov Cupid. Saturday August 3rd 2013. Exhibit runs through Sunday August 25th. 2013


Skye Klad – Widdershins


Here is an old Skye Klad track from Timothy Renner’s Hand Eye Compilation. Witchy astral folk.
h/e 010 “Hand/Eye” ‎(2xCD, Album, Ltd), Various Artists, 2001

She Rises: Part Two The Alchemy Of Sound And Vision (soundtrack by Comets Ov Cupid)


Part 2 of Roger Williamson’s two part video “She” soundtrack by Comets Ov Cupid. I posted part 1 yesterday. See explanation below.

Over the last few years I have collaborated with my friend Roger Williamson (author/occultist/painter) on a variety of projects. His videos based on his beautiful painting of Ishtar were probably some of the most personally transformative and I provided a soundtrack using acoustic electric guitars, tamboura, and viking horn.
Soundtrack Ishtar by Comets Ov Cupid, images by Roger Williamson from his painting She, 2012..

“She” is a painting by Roger Williamson. Oil on canvas, 36 inches by 72 inches 2012. Soundtrack “Ishtar” created and performed by Comets Ov Cupid specifically for the painting.…

Directed Flight by Vortex Navigation Company


“Directed Flight” by Vortex Navigation Company recorded july 2010. Sean Connaughty, Jason Kesselring (aka Comets Ov Cupid) and Scott Puhl. video shot by Andrea Bursott August 2010. Sculpture created and burned by Sean Connaughty on Lake Hiawatha. Steel tripod fabricated by Dillon Allen. Thanks to Peet Fetsch for canoe transportation.Thanks to Dillon Allen for Sisyphusian pod rolling. Assistance from Justine Sanborn, Judith Allen, Lisa Kiesel, Adam Backstrom, Abigail Raina Connaughty, and Scott Puhl.

The Quaking Bogge at Vine Arts, Minneapolis 23 February 2013


Quaking Bogge is a kosmische inclinded wyrd folk project which bosts two Thunderbolt Pagoda members Erik Wivinus and Gérard Boissy. Beautiful.

The Quaking Bogge playing at Vine Arts for Kerry Pennings’ art exhibition closing party. Recorded by Maria Howes.



Gentle Tasaday is project made up of duo of Erik Wivinus and Eric Hofferber. Sounding like a more Kosmische take on Current 93 or Nurse With Wound they were capable of kicking up a real sense of dread on a galactic level. They were label mates on Camera Obscura and of course Erik plays with me in Comets Ov Cupid and was in Skye Klad. I remember playing one or two live dates with them playing electric guitar while Erik played acoustic. The track “Snow Queen” was from a Tom Rapp/ Pearls Before Swine tribute album on Secret Eye. The second track is by a group Noxagt who I unfortunately know little about.

Gentle Tasaday – “Snow Queen”
Noxagt – “Regions of May”

V.A. “For the Dead in Space II & III”
A Tribute to Pearls Before Swine and Tom Rapp
Secret Eye Records, 2003

Comets Ov Cupid (Redukt Vol II) A list- City Pages Oct 10, 2007

comets ov cupidcomets ov cupid

SUNDAY 10.14
Redukt Vol. II
Ritz Theater
The first Redukt show christened the Ritz Theatre as a rock venue. This proved a great gift, because it’s arguably the best place to see underground music in town: The acoustics are superb, the seats comfy, and there are no pillars blocking your view. Redukt’s second installation might not have the same novelty factor, but the bill is just as wide-ranging. Erik Wivinus unfurls acoustic ragas as Forgotten Works, and Jason Kesselring dusts off an electric guitar piece, promisingly named “Metalgazer,” under the handle Cupid. The band Sarah Johnson have been described as a youthful outpouring of Id, and Arto Lindsay, er, savaging Glenn Branca, and will probably draw a crowd of gyrating No-Wave revivalists to the Ritz stage. Maps of Norway lurch between melody and noise like a drunken landlubber staggering through the narrow passages of a sinking boat, yet have enough presence to manifest fresh surprises at every chord change. All ages. $8. 7:30 p.m. 345 13th Ave. NE; 612.623.7660. —Cecile Cloutier